Our Services

Microfinance Consultancy

◘ Processing of Microfinance banking license from CBN ◘ Preparation of Annual Board Appraisal ◘ Preparation of Microfinance banks for examination ◘ Building Microfinance banks capacity ◘ Process re-engineering of Microfinance banks ◘ Acquisition and Merger of Microfinance banks

Business Development Service Provider (BDSP)

B- Build their capacity for business ◘ D- Develop bankable business plans ◘ S- Support growth initiatives ◘ P- Position for long-term viability ◘ Our services include Process Re-engineering, Business Advisory Services, Conduct of Strategy Session

Training and Development

We provide an array of in-depth management, banking, financial, private and public sector training that unlock the potentials of our participants and make them outstanding assets to their organizations.

Financial Services

We render carefully researched advice on all financial services, Investments, Pension and Insurance etc to meet our client’s financial needs.