The Need For This Course

Supervision refers to setting the rules, regulations and guidelines for the orderly conduct of financial business in any economy. It involves on-site and off-site examination dimensions.

The main objective of the supervision is to evaluate the overall safety and soundness of the financial institutions that operate in the economy. This evaluation includes an assessment of risk management, financial health of the organisation and compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, internal policies and ethical code of business conduct.

Financial Holding Company (FHC) being an institution that offers customers a range of financial services some of which are under the supervisory purview of financial regulators must have knowledge of supervisory and regulatory requirements, including RISK MANAGEMENT.

Risk Management lax had been found to be the bane of many Financial Institutions including Financial Holding Companies. Compliance with those Supervisory and regulatory demands are imperative for a sustainable Financial Holding Company. It is against this backdrop that this three – day course in supervisory and regulatory demands is designed.


At the end of this intensive 3-day Training in Financial Holding Company Supervision, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the business of each member of the group.
  • Acquire thorough understanding of the supervisory and regulatory requirements of group members’ business.
  • Acquaint themselves with the Knowledge and Skills in interpreting consolidated supervisory reports of the group.
  • Interact positively with the Supervisors/Examiners from the regulatory bodies that are relevant to the operations of the group.
  • Answer Supervisors/Examiner’s observations and comply with their recommendations.

Course Content

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METHODOLOGY OF DELIVERY: Interactive lecture, Discussion, Experiential Learning and Syndicate Sessions.

TARGET AUDIENCE: All staff of Financial Institutions.

DURATION:      3 days

COURSE FEE:   Negotiable


DATES: Client’s Decision

Available as in-plant

Course Code: (RM/2024/BOAZ/06)

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