The Need For This Course

To measure, mitigate and manage operational risks effectively is a herculean task. Banks and other financial institutions are still finding it difficult to develop and implement a sound operational risk management system. Other corporates are not finding it easy also.  Accumulated banks non-performing loans (defaults), Insurance failures and big corporate disasters are traceable to operational risks management failures.

Boaz Management and Financial Strategies Ltd “BOAZ” packaged this course to equip the participants with knowledge and skills that will enable them identify, prioritize, reduce, mitigate and if possible avoid enterprise – wide operational risks in Banks and other Financial institutions in particular, and non-Financial institutions in general.



At the end of this three-day interactive course, participants would have been able to:

  • Define and identify operational risks
  • Use Business Cycle Model in solving operational risks issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specific risks in Financial Institutions in particular, and other organizations in general, and their impact on operational efficiency.
  • Identify solutions to risks emanating from Technology, Internal Processes and Human Errors.

Course Content

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METHODOLOGY: Interactive Lecture Group Discussions and Exercises, Experiential Learning.


Staff working in Risk Management Departments, Operations, Internal Control, Foreign Operations, Settlements and Documentation, Marketing and Credit

DURATION: 3 days

COURSE FEE:   Negotiable

DATES: Client’s Decision

Available as in-plant


Course Code: (RM/2024/BOAZ/02)

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