The Need For This Course

The need for this course is to enhance the competencies of the Management Staff of Microfinance Banks. It is believed that the enhanced competencies will impact positively on the effectiveness and efficiency of the affected staff. The knowledge, skills and attitudinal change acquired during the Training can subsequently be shared with other categories of staff, to the benefit of the Bank.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Select appropriate clients for their products
  • Develop products that meet the preferences of their clients
  • Undertake correct appraisal of credit
  • Step up their recovery process
  • Identify various risks in their process using Business Model Approach
  • Show understanding of the Risk-based Management under the CBN Risk-based Supervision Regime
  • Demonstrate understanding of regulatory demands in their operations
  • Identify  and master important issues in management of Microfinance Banks
  • Foster espirit-de-corps in the Bank
  • Sourcing and retaining good customers by applying effective human relations skills


  • The course promises the following deliverables.
  • Establishment of partnership between the Board and Executive Management though with different functions
  • Effective management of Delinquency and Default
  • Enhanced portfolio quality
  • Effective management of risks
  • Knowledge of, and compliance with regulatory demands
  • Awareness of the Central Bank of Nigeria Risk-Based Supervision

Course Content

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METHODOLOGY: Interactive Lecture, Discussion, Syndicate, Experiential Learning

TARGET AUDIENCE: Management Staff and the Board Directors of Microfinance Banks


COURSE FEE:   Negotiable

DATES: Client’s Decision

Available as In-plant

Course Code: (MFB/2024/23)

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