The Need For This Course

Lending is a major function of a Financial Institution. It accounts for more than 75% of the revenue of a successful financial institution.

After a loan facility had been approved and disbursed, the ultimate responsibility of monitoring and recovering lies with the loan officers. In most cases, the prospective loanees initiate their applications for facilities through the loan officer. The implication of this is that the loan officer must be well versed in loan analysis, monitoring and recovering without necessarily straining the existing relationship with his/her customer because the customer is the KING. The loan officer needs to have the competence to monitor, evaluate and take appropriate action on loan issues timely. Ability to select appropriate clients (customers) by the loan/marketing officer is a major preventive measure against delinquency and default.

It is against this backdrop that this 3-day interactive Training was designed.


At the end of this course, Participants shall be able to:

  • Impress upon the borrowers the seriousness of his loan commitment;
  • Watch for the signs of any misuse of loan proceeds;
  • Monitor disbursed loan;
  • Identify early warning signals of loans that are deteriorating;
  • Evaluate outstanding loans;
  • Manage delinquency; and
  • Recover outstanding loans.

Course Content

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  • Interactive Lecture;
  • Discussion;
  • Case Study;
  • Syndicate Session; and
  • Experiential Learning.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Loan Officers of Financial Institutions

DURATION: 3 days

COURSE FEE:   Negotiable

DATES: Client’s Decision

Available as in-plant

Course Code: (BF/2024/BOAZ /04)

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