The Need For This Course

Around the world, poor households save in various forms and for various purposes. Although, empirical evidence suggests that the poor would deposit if appropriate financial institutions and savings facilities were available. In fact, for microfinance bank to succeed in their investment portfolio, they should engage in effective and sustainable deposit mobilization.

Deposit mobilization can help Microfinance Bank to expand and deepen their outreach. Attracting depositors may instil a stronger demand-orientation and thriftiness in microfinance bank operations and increase public confidence.

Deposit mobilization is a scheme intended to encourage customers to deposit more cash with the bank and this money in turn will be used by the bank to disburse more loans and generate additional revenue for them. The main business for microfinance banks is accepting deposits and granting loans.

Course Content

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This training is specifically designed to target the following staff in your bank;

  • Marketing Officers
  • Customer Relation Officers
  • Business Development Officers


TARGET AUDIENCE: All Staff of Microfinance Banks

DURATION:     2 Days

COURSE FEE:   Negotiable

DATES: Client’s Decision

Available as open programme and in-plant

Course Code: (MFB/2024/15)

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