The Need For This Course

One of the major reasons for the last global financial crisis was the dearth in knowledge and skills of the operators of the world financial system.  Worse hit in the system was the Banking Sector.  Nigerian Banking sector was not in any way an exception.  In fact, it was relatively worse than some other jurisdictions.

Banking, being a conservative profession that thrives on confidence was almost brought to its knees by the operators with knowledge and skill inadequacies.

Ethics and professionalism were found wanting.  It is crystal clear that time has come for the operators of our Banking system to return to the Basics of Banking.

It is against this backdrop that Boaz Management & Financial Strategies Ltd decided to design two-level courses in banking i.e. Basic Banking Operations and Advanced Banking Operations courses.


The courses were designed to enable participants:

  • Acquire the Basic Knowledge of the Nigerian Financial System
  • Identify the Functions of Money and its Roles in the Economy
  • Demonstrate understanding of Banking Business in Nigeria and the Laws regulating the Business.
  • Identify the Various Categories of Deposit Money Banks, their Functions and Scope.
  • Demonstrate Understanding of Negotiable and other Banking Instruments.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge and Skill in Bank Lending, Clearing and International Business Finance.

Course Content

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METHODOLOGY: Group Discussion, Case Studies and Interactive Lecture.


Employees in Operations, Internal Control, Marketing, Human Resources, Inspectorate and Strategy/Learning Departments

DURATION: 3 days

COURSE FEE:   Negotiable

DATES: Client’s Decision

Available as in-plant

Course Code: (BF/2024/BOAZ /01)

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